The hot sun rays and rainy suddenly….

climate is tropical with high temperatures and high humidity.

Tropical countries are hot and rainy. Some things need to be prepared to step into that country always sunlit.
Temperatures sometimes reach more than 40 degrees…

Please pay attention ..
in tropical weather conditions are always unstable. Heavy rain can happen at any time.
Needs to be taken while going to the entertainment and shopping in the town …

1-UV protective cream.

4-Short pants cotton types.- Always drink mineral water to avoid headache.
7- Umbrella/rain coats

Others Tips
1-Shower more often or use a fan to cool the body.
2-Always drink mineral water to avoid your headache.
3-Restrict enter places that are air conditioned. Because of the hot weather outside will cause you headaches.
4-Avoid drinking beverages that contain caffeine, alcohol or carbonated.